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I Am Still Alive (10/30/2012)

I have been doing a lot of thinking.

I am puzzled as far as what to do… or what to blog… next.

This Silence as far as my blogging goes may continue for a bit.  (Again… I just do not know what to say next.)

Will I be killed quite soon? is “the Big Question” in my mind.

As many attempts as there was to kill me last summer (and into the fall) by the Mafia (on behalf of Big Pharma) I find it amazing that I made it out of Iowa alive.

Lastly… a few words of warning that I feel morally obligated to say to the two lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists that have been helping me… if the Mafia does kill me they are extremely likely to come after you as well. (You two were and are true heroes for having helped me.)

Allen Darman

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The FDA Will Mandate That Mental Illness Can Not Be Cured

I Have Been Doing the Mundane For a Bit

I am staying with one of my sisters in Albany NY.  She rents a house… one that needed yard work done, etc.

To “earn my keep” I have been doing odds and ends around the house to help out.

Due to a lack of funds I am stuck for a little while as far as any forward motion goes.  About all I can do in this regard is “Think”… and I have been doing a bit of this.

In looking back over the period from early August until I left Iowa by bus five days or so ago… I am amazed I am still alive.  There were more attempts on my life in the past two and a half months than there were in the thirty months prior to this.

I accept whatever God has in store for me in the future… and I will continue to try to help America and the World.

Allen Darman

I Sorely Miss a Solid Internet Connection Using a Laptop (10/19/2012)

One can only do so much with a Smart Phone… and a 3G slow one at that.

Sadly the last laptop I bought was useless to me from the very beginning due to hackers… and so was the laptop that I owned before it totally useless in the end (due to hacker interference as well).

It seems pointless for me to go out and buy another laptop when I can afford such… as >>>I Know For A Fact<<>>The Internet Is No Longer Open and Free<<>> For “A Truth Teller Like Me”.<<<

Allen Darman

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Knowledge Without Power Is Crippled; Power Without Knowledge Is Crippled As Well

Persons such as Adam Trombly, Sterling Allan and Gary Vesperman in the Energy Invention Arena…


Persons such as Sherry Rogers, M.D., Jonathan Wright, M.D., Patricia Kane, M.D., Joseph Mercola, M.D., Mike Adams of, Jeffrey Smith, and myself in the Alternative Medical Arena…

Have gained a great deal of knowledge that could save America (if not the entire human race).

However we (the above) have no Real Power in America (other than the Power of the Truth).

We have no Real Power because various Corporate Entities have control over both the Federal Government and Main Steam Media in America.

Corporations and the Mafia have Power in America. (Our Federal and State Politicians are simply stooges of the above in one way or another for the most part.)

Corporations have no intention of changing their Agenda(s) in America.

Unfortunately, these Corporate Agendas are going to inevitably result in America’s Fiscal Collapse. (“Inevitable” may be soon… a Decade or even less… economic collapse in 2013 is even possible.)

One cannot milk a fiscal cash cow that is dead… and this is where America is heading in a surprisingly short time (2013? 2014? 2015? 2020?).

And one cannot milk an America destroyed by climate change caused by excessive global warming as a result of our arrogance, greed, denial, and stupidity.

I loved the Free America I was born into.

Unfortunately, I do not recognize America any more.

The Mafia using its Power to Save America from Fiscal Collapse and from Environmental Catastrophe brought about by Excessive Corporate Greed and Pervasive Political Corruption is perhaps the Only Chance we have from American life becoming much worse than life described in George Orwell’s book “1984”.

I believe that when the Mafia gains enough Knowledge it will do the Right Thing(s).

I also believe that doing the right thing(s) can be far more profitable to the Mafia in BOTH the short and long term than their simply remaining “Enforcers for the Corporations”.

Whether I personally die soon at the hands of the Mafia (which is extremely likely) is not what is Important here. Whether American Health, American Freedom and the American Economy dies is.

May God help us all “if the Corporations Win”.

Allen Darman

My Brain Is Clearing and I Am Formulating a Reasonable Plan

I need a little time to prepare the Presentation of my life.

I expect to give this Presentation in mid to late November to an all or almost all Sicilian audience… and do so in NYC with some persons knowledgeable in regard to selling stock short present to interpret the estimated fiscal value of what I am saying.

My life will hang in the balance.  So will the future of America and perhaps even the World.

I accept this challenge.

I simply need time to “do my best”.

I pray to God I live until at least Thanksgiving. The Mafia would be wise to assist me with this.

Allen Darman

I Made It To Albany Safe And Sound

I am stuck here until fiscally empowered by my next SSD check.

I also need to deal with the fact I have no picture ID before I leave where I am now.

A meeting between myself and the Mafia next month seems to make sense to me… despite the fact that they may “Jimmy Hoffa me” (and I will never be heard from again).

I continue to have faith in God.  I am willing to accept whatever Destiny God has in store for me.

I need to think for a bit before I blog any more… I will blog some tomorrow.

Tonight I need a bit of rest.

Allen D