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I Have Been Knocked Offline Until I Get Another Internet Device (11/24/2012)

Hackers used an anti-theft security program called Snuku that I had downloaded (but not activated) to render my smart phone completely useless.

I will NOT be able to blog at all until I get another Internet device sometime in December.

It hurts me to “not be blogging”… but there is nothing I can do about this until I get my check in December.

I am going to expand and complete the Dear Max And Willy blog when I get back online.  And I am going to work on this blog for as long as it takes for it to be completed before I ever let down my guard with the Mafia.


Internet Freedom is Dead for those that know too much.

I personally am a Prime Example of the Above, as Big Pharma, Mafia and/or Federal Government hackers continue to cause me major and chronic problems while trying to use the Internet.

I Pray to God, the Mafia, and our Federal Government that I be allowed to finish the Dear Max And Willy Blog before I am captured and/or killed…


That I be allowed to activate, edit, and fill in a number of Websites that Two Heroic Lesbian WordPress Website Development Specialists and I started last April (and that Mark Jaquith of has been helping with since).

I also Pray to God that Both America and the World become Much More Aware of Our Plight (the Three WordPress Experts helping me over the Internet and I). We four persons have heroically put our lives on the line for both America and the human race… please make no mistake about this.

Allen Darman

Website of this blog:

Some Other Websites of our team:


I loved words. I love to sing them and speak them and even now, I must admit, I have fallen into the joy of writing them. Anne Rice

The Use Of Google+ Is Part Of The >>>Proper Methodology<<>>To Run An Internet Based Government<<< (11/16/2012)

Internet based Federal Governments all over the World are Inevitable. (The Powers That Be Are Quite Scared of this. The Bilderberg Group just had an impromtu meeting in Rome Italy… I wonder if this was one of the reasons Why.)

The Use of the Great Social Networking Platform Called Facebook…

And the Use of the Clever Short Messenging Platform Called Twitter…

And the Use of the Incredibly Useful Blogging Platform! Called WordPress…

And The Use of the Standard Spreadsheet Program called Excel…

And the Use of the Popular Video Sharing Program called Youtube.

And the Use of the Amazing Muliple Language Translating (in Real Time!) VideoConferencing Program! Called iWowWe.

And the Use of a Yahoo Group Platform or Google Group Platform or similar…

And the use of the Great Collaborative Platform! Called Google+… Are >>>All Going To Be Used<>To Manage Federal and Other Governments<>Worldwide<<<Some Day.

>>>The Usage of the Above Mentioned Internet Tools and More>>>Are All Inevitable<<In Regard To >>>The Creation and Management of Internet Based Governments<<< All Over the World.

There is >>>No Way<<>>The Tremendous Technological Advance of the Internet<>Can Be Stopped<< By the Current Powers That Be. (If They Try >>>To Censor And Suppress The Internet<>This Will INEVITABLY MEAN<>Revolution Worldwide<<<.)

The Internet >>>Reaching Its True Potential<>Is Only a Matter of Time.<<<

I Pray to both God and the Mafia that >>>I Live Long Enough To Collaborate With The Folks At Google (and Other Savvy Computer Folks All Over The World) To Design A Democratic Internet Based Government Model >>>One That Has The Potential To Save The Human Race.<<<


Allen Darman

Primary Website:

Girls I Am Having Trouble With Hackers At The Moment (11/16/12)

The time is now 10:30 am EST on 11/16/12.

I expect to get shut down from blogging again soon, and I cannot share the Dear Max And Willy My Six Choices For Christmas blog on Google Plus.

Lastly, I have changed my mind about not blogging before Thanksgiving… every single day from here on out I am going to blog as much as I can all day long… or at least blog “as much hackers let me”.

I love u2… more than u will ever know.


Girls I Think It May Be Wise For Me To Go To Utica And Check Into A Hospital As A Defensive Manuever To Buy A Little Time (11/14/12)

Important Note: After I wrote this blog I amended my decision and stayed where I was. Checking into a psych ward as a defensive measure is *a measure of last resort*, and has a number of drawbacks associated with it. Nonetheless, this measure of last resort has quite literally saved my life three times since April 2011. Allen D

Be extremely careful.

All of our lives are at Great Risk right now.

Hackers owned my Smart Phone for most of today.

I have NEVER been hacked on a Smart Phone as bad as I was this afternoon.

Perhaps I am “being manipulated” out of my sister’s house, and in to the hospital.

Who knows?

I am going to just have to Trust in God.

I may be dead quite soon via murder or staged suicide… Prepare yourselves for this very real possibility.


I am going to fight until the bitter end… that’s for sure.

Suicide is out of the question for me (beware of it being staged).

I love you both.

I hope u2 do not regret what u did in regard to helping me…

And that u both feel the same way about me.

Allen Darman

Girls Psalm 23 May Apply In Regard To My Five Choices (11/12/2012)

Psalm 23 suggests that I should go meet with the Mafia unprotected vs. simply commit suicide.

My meeting with the Mafia unprotected carries a very substantial likelihood of getting me killed by them… or tortured and then killed by them.

If I am tortured it will very probably be impossible for me to not give up my WordPress password, assuming that they do not have it already.

What the above would mean is that many of my WordPress blogs would be corrupted or erased.

It would be wise for you to “multiple backup” all of my WordPress blogs via digital means, and keep these backups in multiple locations.

Also, if I expose myself to the Mafia I may be tortured and forced to do things “as a means to get to you”… such that they can kill u2.  Be Careful… and Be Smart… if I do not choose suicide and I go to meet the Mafia.

Important Note: Now is not the time to get sloppy, despite the fact of the Good Sign that I was allowed to finally share this Psalm 23 blog (after I was hacked for a while and I was not allowed to share it). Extreme caution should be taken by you girls at all times. Hundreds of billions of dollars are at stake here. DO NOT EVER ASSUME U ARE NOT AT RISK… AND MULTIPLE OFFLINE BACKUPS OF MY BLOGS AND A SOLID PLAN TO SPREAD THEM AROUND IN CASE OF YOUR DEATHS IS A MUST. We may have won… but do not assume anything yet.

I grant you two lesbian WordPress Website Specialists in the San Francisco Bay area that have been helping me over the Internet since April 2012 all rights to ALL of my written material on the Internet, to include all of my WordPress blogs on any WordPress website that I have.

Important Note: The 50K to 75K annually I am asking for as a consulting salary in the Dear Max And Willy blog is peanuts in relation to what my services are worth to the Mafia (or anyone else), and I am fully aware of this. I have taken a relative vow of poverty with God (sort of like what Mahatma Gandhi did). All I need for maximum happiness is a basic office setup in an apartment somewhere (the tools to be able to work efficiently), enough money for nutritional supplements, herbal medicine, and good food… and perhaps a cheap set of wheels for when I go out. (50K to 75K should cover this.) If this situation ever works out such that you continue to be able to assist me and “you two could get paid” 50K to 75K “does not even pay the rent in Frisco”. This means you should get paid more than what I am asking for, of course.

Important Note: If ever there is any substantial fiscal gain generated from ANY source from what my work and my WordPress blogging did and/or does the bulk of this fiscal gain should go to u2 for what you heroically did for me from last April to today. (This basic principle of u2 reaping the bulk of any fiscal gain I may generate in any manner whether I am alive or dead applies forever in my mind as far as u2 go.)

On the Good News Side of things…

I sure think that we three have done a Great Job! since you two first started helping me on the Internet… given the adversity we faced. (I cannot Thank you two heroes enough for selflessly putting your lives on the line for America and me.)

If you search for Dear Max And Willy in Google, I really like the order of “how these blogs show up”.  Perhaps I am wrong in this assumption but… We have friends behind the scenes it seems!


Despite the Dear Max And Willy blog being unfinished it is “finished enough” to ensure that if I go down Big Pharma has just made a Martyr out of me. When I first took them on over the Internet twelve and a half years ago… I could not have asked for any more than this.

In the slim chance that the Mafia will lift the contract on me and help the health of American adults and children, as well as help to bring Big Pharma down… I am hoping they will offer you two both a well paid job, such that we three can continue to work as a collaborative Internet team. (This applies to Mark Jaquith if he is still onboard as well.)

Perhaps we can help the Mafia change its course, and help them to learn how to use the Incredible Power of the Internet and WordPress in regard to managing things.

God is in this picture I am sure!

We all have to trust in God it seems.


Allen Darman

My Father Arthur Darman Used To Say Death Is Nothing (11/8/2012)

I have to give much credit to my father for the man that I became.

My father Arthur “Art” Darman was an Extraordinary Man… no other words do him justice.

Why was he an extraordinary man?

He was an extraordinary man in so many ways.  (To delineate them all would distract from the point of this blog.)

One way my father was Extraordinary was that he was an excellent philosophical teacher… and he taught many children and young men and women so much in this vein.

Some questions a child often asks a father that went to WWII are about death. I was no exception in this regard.

My father’s stock answers to questions about death were “Death is nothing” and “Death means nothing”.

I was always puzzled by this. To some extent I still am.

Soon I will find out what my father meant… two weeks or so (unless I am clipped by the Mafia beforehand).

I do know that if there is a Heaven that I am going there… despite the fact that I fully intend to take my own life after Thanksgiving.

I also know that if there is not a Heaven, I will become food for the worms… just like everyone else.

I accept my Fate with grace regardless… and I am not afraid to carry it out.

Thank You so much Art for giving me the strength of character to be who I am today. I hope to see you (and Marion my mother) in Heaven soon if there is such a place.  And if not, I will gladly feed the worms as you did.


Allen Darman