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Internet Freedom Is Dead In America!!! Federal Government *Censors*And*Hackers* Continue To Actively Remove *Key*WordPress*Internet* *Collaborative*Team*Blogs* From A Number Of Our Websites These Same Federal Government Censors and Hackers Are Not Only Removing Key Blogs THEY ARE ALSO CORRUPTING MANY *KEY*BLOG*LINKS* AS WELL AS CORRUPTING SOME *KEY*BLOG*COPY* AS WELL (12-24-2012)


The U.S. Federal Government Buried Itself On December 17 2012 By Censoring *By Removal* Numerous Blogs From Numerous Websites of A Revolutionary Genius Team of WordPress Website Development Specialists; Will They Bury Us4 Back?

A Short WordPress Blog Respectfully Addressed to the Mafia (12-17-12)

We4 propose that “We Bury the Hatchet”, and “Make Friends at a Sit Down fairly soon”.

We4 Need Your Organization for Numerous Just Purposes if We succeed in Our Team Goal (one of many) to Topple Our CorruptGovernment.

We4 Promise You Will Be Paid Very Well, and More Than You Make Now.

Allen Darman and his SmartTeam of WWDS’S

Domestic? Or Worldwide? Search Engine Market Share According To comScore for November 2012 (12-17-12)

BingandGoogle are thetwoBigElephants as far as SearchEnginevMarketShare goes, according to comScore (which Ranks such things).

Bing has 25.4 percent of the Search Engine Market Share.

Google has a bit more than Bing.

Google has a whopping 69.4 percent MarketShare.

Collectively, these two SearchEngines have 94.8% Share of the SearchEngineMarket.

Over 11 Billion Searches were performed in November Alone on Google.

I believe the Above Numbers were “In Regard to the U.S.”.

Conclusion 4MySmarTTeamof WWDS’S…

IF WE HAVE BEEN LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE “MADEFriendsW/GOOGLE” in any way whatsoever!…

We have Made Friends with a Giant in the Internet Industry 4 Sure!