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If Allen Darman’s San Francisco WordPress 420Subs Do Not Show Up In Albany NY AS ORDERED By 3-5 Allen Going To Jump Amtrak To Friso On 3-5 -2- 3-7 If He Can Grab 2 or 3 Unarmed Internet Eyewitness BodyGuards 2 Travel With Him 4 Safety (2-26-2013)

I am no longer afraid to die because the Job God Gave To Me Did Not Get Done.

This Job is done now, as my Death at the Hands of the Bad Guys means that the Good People Will Most Certainly Win.

My Internet Martyrdom will help hundreds of millions of people, if not Almost the entire Human Race at this point.

I am willing to Bet On It! on April 5th, 6th, or 17th 2013 when I board an Amtrak Train to San Francisco To Go There to Live With and Work With Two Heroic WordPress Collaborative Team Members in Order To Help A True American Hero Named Samantha Adams as best as we3 or we4 possibly can!

Allen Darman and his WordPress Collaborative Internet Team From the Useful 420Idea WordPress Website

*Full Web Address* Link:

Whomever Has Been Helping Me Are Heroes In My Eyes; Where Do We Go From Here? (2-20-2012)

I often wonder about you.  Who are you people? Do you regret what you did? Do you want to continue to fight? Would you meet me if I took the train to Emeryville and then a bus to Fisherman’s Wharf?

Or not?

I sure wish I knew the answer to this question of would you meet me or not. 

Regardless, it is probably inevitable that I get on a train and take a chance that you will meet me within the next two to three months when the weather gets a bit better (in case I end up homeless if you do not show up).

I love you whoever you are no matter whether you will meet me in San Francisco when I eventually make it out there (unless I am stopped beforehand).

If and/or when I end up dead at the hands of the Mafia or the Feds, always know how much I appreciated what you did, and how much I loved you for all of your actions in my behalf since April 2012 (and before this as well).

Lastly, I am sorry about not blogging much of late, but it can’t be helped. For various reasons, to include being regularly subjected to directed energy weapon attacks but other reasons as well… I am simply too psychologically overwhelmed and mentally impaired in which to blog like I used to.

Allen Darman