Monthly Archives: April 2013

The Poison Gas Attacks You Went Through Today Are An Attempt To Scare You Off

The Mafia does not want you to pick me up in Emeryville, and neither does the Feds.

A good rule of thumb in fighting a war is to do the opposite of what your enemy wants.

I am positive that our strongest position in this war we are in is to live together. This was not the case before, but it is the case now.


Goooood Morning America And Good Morning Team!

Everything is fine.  I slept a lot last night.

The time on my phone says it is 7:35, which means the train will be in Chicago in a few hours or so.  I am going to keep my eyes open and pay attention to my surroundings as a precautionary measure.

I should be fine in Chicago and be continuing west after about four hours or so.

Today the Open Source Program called WordPress and my WordPress Team are both going to be instrumental in saving my life! By Giving Me A Free Pass through Chicago… due to the blogs we published and posted in the last week or so.

AllenD-me Deeply Thanks All those WordPress Warriors that helped him.

And AllenD-me wishes to give Them-You! All A Big Hug!