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Where Does Allen Darman Go From Here? (6-8-2013)

According to Allen…

“I did not buy a smart phone this month, nor get any other Internet device. I also did not attempt to rent housing. Being broke last month and almost out of food and gas taught me a real lesson… which was I need to create some some of reserve such that I am not ever broke and out of gas again.”

“I am living out of my van, staying at a rest stop on I5 near Talent Oregon a lot (at night). During the day, I often go to the library or a park somewhere and read a lot.”

“I am certain that the Mafia was in Medford Oregon a month and a half or so ago, and I strongly believe that knew who one of their men was. Now I see no presence of them. Apparently they are playing a waiting game with me, trying to make a disconect before they try to kill me again. (As many times as they have tried to kill me, I assume that they still want me dead.)”

“Reading fiction books during the day gives me a break from my very difficult reality, but this is only temporary. I cannot escape the true reality that my time on this earth is very probably going to be limited by the Mafia at some point fairly soon.”

“I often feel that perhaps I am greatly disappointing the team that has been helping me anonymously from afar, but I don’t know quite what to do about this. Without a safe housing situation, I sure don’t feel like blogging a whole lot. And unfortunately, I do not know where I can find such. What would I tell my landlord, or the people I live with if I rent a room in a house somewhere? I’d feel I have to tell them the Truth about me, and I don’t think that they would accept this.”

“If I rent a room in a motel somewhere, I’d be constantly afraid of being tracked and attacked. Thus, I sleep in my van. It feels safer to me than being anywhere else that I know of at the present time.”

“After over three years of repeated attacks by the Mafia (often with multi-month gaps in between), I have to admit that fear gets the best of me sometimes. I went through hell last summer in Omaha and Iowa defending myself against death, and I have yet to psychologically get over this.”

“Walk a mile in my shoes. Or better yet, walk three years and six months in my shoes, which was when the Mafia first tried to kill me. How would you feel? And what would you do?”

“I sure wish I had a constructive answer to my situation. When and/or if I find one, I will sure let you (my heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team) know.”

“I am glad to see Google highlighting the 66th Anniversary of the Roswell Incident today. Many very smart folks have said that there are Aliens here, and that there have been for some time. Google’s Search Engine Front Page has the Power to Make Tens Of Millions of People Aware of Things. It is nice to see them using this power to highlight the Alien issue, one of so many that our United States Federal Government knowingly suppressed.”

“I sure wish that whatever Aliens are on this earth would use their advanced knowledge to help Humanity. We sure could use the help.”

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)