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For The Sake Of God Please Save Me This Week

I am easy to save. All someone has to do is come and get me, and take me out of here to safety.

Other than the free lunch around the corner, I hang around in the smoking room building right next to the Eureka Rescue Mission all day long… until the mission opens its doors at 5:30 pm or so.

If you can find a way up here I would be very easy to find, as I am either sleeping on a bench or reading a book in the smoking room building… a light green building with red trim only a small parking lot away from the main green building with red trim of the mission itself.

The only exception to the above is when I need to walk to the public library to charge my phone.  I may do this on Monday or Tuesday.

Without heroic intervention my WordPress Team will almost certainly lose me to the Mafia or their hired hands quite soon. 

I will not take my own life to avoid torture and death at the hands of the Mafia… this I promise you.  If my death appears to be a suicide… it was staged… and not as it seems.

If my team does not take heroic action to save me… then I guess it was my Fate to die at the hands of the Mafia all along. I am sure glad I lasted as long as I did, for I was able to blog much truth since the first Mafia attempt on my life on January 6, 2010.

Allen D (with help from his heroic WordPress Website Development Team)

Allen D Strongly Suspects That Two Of His Homeless Friends Sold Him Out

According to Allen…

“A chain of events has occurred recently that leads me to believe that two of the friends I made in Coos Bay have sold me out to the Mafia.”

“I made the mistake of telling these gentlemen that last year the Mafia was offering 4.7 million dollars to the homeless in Council Bluffs IA to kill me.”

“If my suspicions are correct… without a miraculous intervention this may be the last ten days of my life.”

“I was an idiot for saying what I said to these two men, as it provided them with substantial fiscal motivation to sell me out.”

“Please place a very close watch on my life for the next few weeks… as my likelihood of getting out of the jam I am in is quite slim.”

“I am at the point where if these two men did sell me out, I am not going to make any effort to avoid the trap that has been prepared for me on the first. If the Mafia or these two men (on behalf of the Mafia) want to kill me on the first… so be it.”

“Hopefully… my death on the first of October or soon thereafter (should it occur then) will wake some key folks up. And hopefully these key folks will take action then.”

“Who knows? Maybe my suspicions about these two men are incorrect.”

“We will all know one way or another fairly soon. Actions taken or not taken on the first of October or soon thereafter will tell us the Truth.”

Allen Darman (with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Team)