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My iMac Workspace Is Temporarily Occupied

Addressed to my Team:

I will be back to work using my iMac in an hour or so.

The Stalemate blog I am working on is a very good one… and one that is accurate in regard to what it says.

I am going to spend a little more time than I originally thought on this blog (perhaps two or three days), as it has assumed a bit more importance in the scheme of things.

The initial response to this material on Facebook has been favorable. I won’t know how favorable degree-wise for a little while.

Allen D

After I Got The Material Out That I Wanted To My Smart Phone Works Again

However, WordPress definitely locked up on my smart phone a while ago due to hacker interference. My send button went totally dead while editing and changing typestyles on the Stalemate blog’s first published draft. After I went and used my iMac downstairs to put this material on Facebook and Twitter, etc. hackers relinquished the hold on my phone, and it now works normally again.

I have been hacked a lot while using between eight and ten (or perhaps a few more) different Android smart phones going all the way back to May 2010. Some of this hacking did not involve WordPress or the Internet, it involved “the phone side” of whatever smart phone I was using.

I have a great deal of experience in regard to knowing “what is normal and what is not” when using the WordPress App on an Android phone. What happened tonight was not normal. I got shut down for a little while due to hacker interference. The copy I was writing “struck a nerve somewhere”.

My being hacked tonight was only a bit bothersome. It actually encourages me to fight even harder… it is good for my morale. Such would not be the case however if my iMac was hacked and shut down, as it is my only “sure fire outlet” to be able to blog on the Internet. My iMac being shut down by hackers would mean my inability to work on the Internet, for all ostensible purposes.

Goodnight until tomorrow…

Allen D

I Have A Great Deal To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving

I have always liked the spirit of Thanksgiving—> a day to step back and “count your blessings”, regardless of what difficulties and problems you may face.

I have a Great Deal to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving! That’s No Lie!

I cannot thank those persons and parties that have Heroically Helped Me from afar enough for All That They Have Done to Stand Up with me against numerous Powers that Be, to include our corrupt U.S. Federal Government, other corrupt governments worldwide, the American Mafia (whom has tried to kill me and members of my WordPress Team numerous times), the Illuminati, the Bilderberg/NWO/Agenda 21 folks, Big Pharma, Big Oil and other Powers that Be as well.

First and foremost that I have to be thankful for are Mark J of and all of those heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists in San Francisco that have been helping me and/or us from afar since April 2012. All of you are true American heroes for having done what you have done in regard to putting your lives at risk for me and the rest of your Fellow Americans.

Next that I have to be thankful for are many persons involved with Google, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress (Automattic), all of whom I believe are helping my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (and in some cases mentioned are substantially and heroically doing so).

Oops, I forgot to mention the Apple Computer Company! Without Apple, I had lost my ability to communicate to the world without suffering from extraordinary hacker interference. It had gotten to the point over a year ago that I could not use a Windows based computer on the Internet at all. Even brand new and just out of the box, whatever Windows Laptop I might buy either (1) could not use the Internet at all, or (2) could barely use the Internet (to the point that I could get almost nothing done on WordPress). Therefore—> On this Thanksgiving I am deeply thankful to Apple for the development of the Mountain Lion Operating System, and the iMac that I currently use to write WordPress blogs with.

[What follows are some more specifics as to “Why I am thanking Apple”—> Without the use of an Apple computer using the Mountain Lion OS, I would have been almost >>>Totally Silenced on the Internet<<< from the fall of 2012 onward. In September or October of 2012 I bought two different Windows based laptops from a Walmart in Des Moines IA within a matter of days of each other. Even brand new “neither of these laptops would hardly work at all” when on the Internet. About three or four months after this (about January 2013) I bought a third brand new laptop from a Walmart in Albany NY. Right out of the box it would not work on the Internet as well—> it got hammered by hackers and made “Totally Internet Useless” within a few minutes of connecting to the Internet via a hardwire cable connection. Problems with these three new Windows laptops all occurred after my having “chronic hacker induced problems” on about a dozen different personal Windows computers between June 2006 and April 2012. These problems got progressively worse as time went on. Problems with these three new Windows laptops also occurred after my having “chronic hacker induced problems” while using numerous Mid York public library computers in upstate NY for years beginning in the summer of 2006, and my having “chronic hacker induced problems” for years while using Hamilton College library computers in Clinton NY as well. In contrast to this, using Apple computers I did have “hacker induced problems” with my first iMac using the Lion Operating System within days of receiving it via UPS in March 2013. I had to return this iMac a few weeks after I bought it, despite the fact it was successfully serviced once by a professional after it had become Internet useless due to hackers (the same problems soon came back). However, when I got my second iMac with Mountain Lion OS in late March or early April of 2013 (from the same vendor I had bought my other refurbished iMac from) hackers have only been able to shut me down once (in July 2013 in Florence OR), such that its operating system needed to be professionally reinstalled. I should perhaps mention that I did spend about $90 on MacKeeper antivirus/security software in April 2013, and I think this may be of some help. Other than “this one time” of being shut down in Florence OR, I have been able to use the Internet “just like everyone else” with my current Mountain Lion OS iMac. If it was not for the iMac that I have and use at present, I would have completely lost my voice on the Internet last year to either Mafia Hacker Interference, Big Pharma Hacker Interference, and/or U.S. Federal Government Hacker Interference. Incidentally, in September or October of 2012 I did have a helpful and accomplished hacker in Des Moines IA use one of the laptops that I had just bought. He told me that there were six different parties that were hacking me, and that he had “hacked them all back”. Unfortunately, the Mafia got to this man and absolutely terrified him. Not only did this hacker quit helping me, he refused to return my laptop. He called it “payment for services rendered in my behalf”, and I was in no position to refuse him. The laptop was useless to me anyway. What was the point in getting it back other than to get a refund from Walmart? At the time money meant nothing to me, as I was actively defending myself from multiple Mafia attempts to take my life (and four hundred dollars or so was “of no real help”). I knew at this point that my tenure using any Windows based computer was probably over, but I did try one more time after this (No Go, just as I thought). In my humble opinion, I am without a doubt “the most hacked man in America”, if not the World, since June 2006, when I first put my son Willy’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Natural Recovery Story on the Internet. On this Thanksgiving, I have much to Thank Apple Inc. for! That’s for sure! And so do my Fellow Americans have much to Thank Apple for—> due to the fact that the Alternative Medical Discoveries that I (and my son Willy) have made deserve to be heard by every single person in the world—> and without the use of an Apple Computer (and a Free and Open Internet, of course) these alternative medical discoveries do not stand a chance of ever seeing the light of day. Windows based systems are simply too vulnerable to hackers, no matter what is done to try to secure them—> at least that is my opinion, an opinion based on over seven years experience. I cannot recommend Apple Mountain Lion OS computers enough to anyone that has ever been hacked. If you cannot afford new, buy a refurbished one from a quality vendor of such, as I did, and put the best version of MacKeeper on it on day one.]

I have many other persons in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to be thankful for, either unnamed or anonymous, but that deeply deserve my thanks regardless.

I am thankful that my two sons Max and Willy are both healthy, and doing fairly well in life and in school. I had my very first Google Hangout! with Max and Willy for over half an hour this Thanksgiving, and had a great time talking to both of them using Google Hangout over the Internet! (Thank You Google! for developing such an incredibly useful, versatile and easy to use video platform!)

I am deeply Thankful for my deceased parents Arthur and Marion Darmanfor giving me the morality, the strength, the knowledge, the skills, the intelligence and the courage to “Do the Right Thing”, and put my life on the line for the human race vs. Big Pharma (and their Mafia partners and friends) beginning in the summer of 2000, over thirteen years ago.

I am deeply thankful to God that I have survived numerous attempts by the American Mafia take my life on behalf of Big Pharma since January 6, 2010. And—>

I guess I also owe the American Mafia a Thank You for not killing me this past year. I sure hope I can say the same thing to you guys next year as well. Unfortunately, there is some question in my mind in this regard. (I am deeply concerned that you may simply “be waiting for the right opportunity to take me out”, a “lingering wait” so it appears that “you were not involved in my death”. You guys need to reconsider things and “Switch Sides”, for America’s Sake, as well as your own. The Patriot Movement Stands A Very Good Chance Of Winning Against The Feds, Despite The Fact That It May Seem That The Feds Hold The Winning Hand At Present. I sure would not underestimate the Power of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Automattic, Apple, Silicon Valley in general, the Patriot Movement, the Sleeping Giant called the Armed American Public and the Truth. Even if the Internet is Heavily Government Censored or Shut Down, or Martial Law is declared… such events do not guarantee that the Feds will win. And what good is an EMP attack? Such would simply ruin America for almost everybody. When the Patriot Movement wins, you sure don’t want to be on the wrong side aligned with Big Pharma and the Feds. You want to be on the Right Side working with and for the winners, or otherwise you will be targeted by “those who take over”. The Power of a Free and Open Internet has Changed Everything. The days of profiting from secretive murder and secretive pressure on politicians and others are ending, just as the days of the Wild West ended in the late 1800’s. I’d sure consider a substantial annual sum to work for us, rather than lose everything, to include all of your wealth and possessions, your Freedom (being imprisoned), your citizenship (being deported), the citizenship of your family members, and in some cases your lives by taking the wrong side in this Complex War that we are in. If the Federal Government FEMA camp extermination agenda fails them in regard to gaining dictatorial control over America on a permanent basis, there is going to be hell to pay, and you sure do not want to be a target… which you will most certainly be, if you do not “Switch Sides”. I am not threatening you, I am trying to warn you of what the future will bring when the current stalemate ends “if the Feds lose, and the Patriot Revolution joined by a rapidly Awakening American Public, Military and Police Force wins”.)

I am deeply thankful to my sister Laurie Darman and her son Benji for letting me reside with them in Albany NY.

I am thankful for—> the Patriot Movement, all of the American heroes that are rising to the Patriot Movement Cause on the Internet,and the fact that Facebook is giving us a useful platform in which to Share Patriot Movement information with each other. (Google and Twitter may be doing this too, but Facebook has been “of the most use to me” for my Patriot Movement Educational Work.)

And lastly, Google deserves a Special Mention—>

Google Wished My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Happy Thanksgiving It Seems!

My heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team all owes Google a great debt of gratitude for this public statement (one of many) of their support on Thanksgiving 2013, one that “is understood by us WordPress folks” for sure.   (We realize that some Google Search Results are not simply algorithm generated, but are carefully thought out by some people that work for and/or manage Google.)

I personally cannot Thank Google enough for doing this for us.  (Every other member of my Patriot Movement WordPress Collaborative Internet Team feels the same way).  Our WordPress Team needed a little morale boost, and a little bit of supportive help.  And you just gave it to us “in spades” by giving our Internet Woodstock Concert idea Google Search Result #9—> 

Can We Have A Thanksgiving Or Christmas iWOODSTOCK Concert 

out of over three billion results.


I admittedly have some difficulties and problems at present.  However, this does not negate that fact that I have a tremendous amount to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving.

I most certainly realize this Thanksgiving that “the positives greatly outweigh the negatives” in my life.

I could not be More Thankful than I am today!  

I am Deeply Thankful to So Many for So Much—> I will “Remember This Tomorrow”—> and for as long as I live as well.  

This blog was prepared by Allen D with critical and heroic help from Mark J

Our material often comes attached with–—>

Appreciated and sometimes heroic Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And it most definitely always comes attached with heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

I Took Today Off

I am thinking today, and taking it easy.

I am real concerned about the future of America.

And I am real concerned that unless Silicon Valley becomes proactive in regard to waking up America—> we citizens on the Internet are not enough to stop those behind the Federal Government.

I am trying to think of a way out of the jam America is in.

Only collective action is going to save us. But “what collective action?”. And “by whom?”.

If the truth about 9/11, alternative medical suppression and energy invention suppression is not enough… what is enough to get the American public to act?

What kind of future are our children going to have if the Federal Government we have now remains in control of things? It is depressing to even think about sometimes.

Pakalert Press did pick up the story in regard to an EMP attack—> the same story I blogged about the other day. What if that story is true? Oh my God—> how evil can people be?

I feel a tremendous sense of responsibility in regard to “making a difference”, I just don’t know how to carry it out. It is very frustrating to know what I know in the alternative medical realm, and see our Federal Government and Conventional Medicine carry on as though the Truth does not matter at all.

The best thing that could ever happen to me is if a member or members of my WordPress Team or some folks from Google or Facebook actually showed up at my door some day, and told me that they were taking me back to San Francisco with them by either train or car. I know this is not a realistic dream, but such would sure do a tremendous amount for me. I would love to fight our Federal Government as part of a face to face team.

Incidentally, there is an insightful Glenn Beck video in which he says in the morning that he was going to do a show on FEMA camps because he could not debunk them, and then later the same day he completely reverses his position, after whispering “Help me, they have threatened my life”. If he did the show that he had intended to do that evening, he was threatened with death. This event is strongly suggestive of the fact that FEMA CAMPS HAVE AN EVIL AGENDA. It would not surprise me if he was threatened by the Mafia, and not the Feds. However, it could have been either of these parties. The Mafia and the Feds are in bed together in a big way, just as the Mafia and Big Pharma are in bed together, and Big Pharma and the Feds are in bed together. If one is an enemy of any one of these three parties, one is an enemy of all of them it seems. Add Big Oil to this equation, and the same principle applies. If you are an enemy of one, you are an enemy to all four.

In essence, the above means…

Heck, we are all doomed if we do not win against the Feds. Why not help our chances by putting a solid team together and giving it some real support? I would love to be a part of such an effort. Alone my morale is real shaky at times… especially after what I have been through these past four years, and the fact I am still fighting without someone to smile at and hug that is in the same fight.

The online support I have gotten and am still getting is deeply appreciated, but it is just not enough to win this war we are all in.

Please forgive “my time off”.

I Know It Is Not Politically Correct To Say Some Of This But I Am Going To Say It Anyway

The bottom line here is that—>

The onus is on “the aware and/or smart folks” to wake up enough of “the unaware, brainwashed (via MSM) and/or dumb folks” to the Truth in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression, the Truth about GMO foods, 9/11 Truth, etc. before Martial Law is declared in the U.S. (and the FEMA camps and the Main Core List are activated), or else—>

The immoral wealthy and greedy folks are going to pay off the unaware, brainwashed, and/or unaware folks to imprison and/or kill off the aware and/or smart folks, so that the wealthy and greedy get to remain in power, get to keep all of their ill gotten gains, and get to avoid any sort of wealth repatriation or prosecution for what they have done.

The immoral wealthy and greedy folks are aware that the Truth on the Internet is going to crush them sooner or later. These people know that they need to Shut Down Free Speech on the Internet as soon as possible via one means or another (Martial Law and its resultant Internet Censorship, or by an EMP attack).

God Forbid that they use a false flag EMP attack in which to do this. The immoral wealthy and greedy folks most certainly will attempt to use such a means if they feel that they have to. Some of these people are truly evil and have no morals whatsoever. These evil people would not hesitate to kill 60% – 90% of the United States population via the use of an EMP attack, if it means that in doing so—> they save the majority of their current wealth, prestige and power.[Incidentally, based on what I now know as a result of some Internet research and a little bit of logical and deductive thinking, I believe that the next false flag attack on the United States is going to be an EMP attack.]

It comes down to a race…. who is going to get there first?

Google, Facebook, Twitter, Automattic, Apple, etc. need to collectively take action to wake up enough of the unaware, brainwashed, and/or dumb folks in time such that a Justifiable Revolution occurs (and is won, of course), or America is doomed, and so are they.

To simply let the growth of Truth on the Internet to take its own course, and grow at its own pace, is A LOSING STRATEGY.


Good will triumph over evil if it is brave enough to collectively fight.

Hopefully, the Good Folks in Silicon Valley will not bury their head in the sand (remain in denial that the Federal Government has to go), or be too cowardly to fight those that are currently in power.

Some Notable Words by Edward Snowden and Allen D

“The great fear that I have regarding the outcome for America of these disclosures is that nothing will change. [People] won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things… And in the months ahead, the years ahead, it’s only going to get worse. [The NSA will] say that… because of the crisis, the dangers that we face in the world, some new and unpredicted threat, we need more authority, we need more power, and there will be nothing the people can do at that point to oppose it. And it will be turnkey tyranny.” Edward Snowden

I share Edward Snowden’s great fear. In disclosing that almost all of modern conventional medicine, and especially modern psychiatric medicine, is a hoax of historic proportions, I fear that nothing will change. I also know that nothing will ever substantially change in modern conventional medicine unless a Justifiable Revolution in America occurs; a Revolution that is needed first in order to effect such change. Allen D

“I had been looking for leaders, but I realized that leadership is about being the first to act.” Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is a national hero for doing what he did, and so is every single person on my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team. So are many other persons on the Internet these days. The big question now is “will our heroism result in the American Public starting and winning a Justifiable Revolution in America?”. Otherwise, our collective heroism was for naught. Allen D

I cannot lead anything without a solid and significant measure of Silicon Valley Corporate Support. I can only “provide some truthful knowledge” and “suggest the right ideas” from afar via the use of WordPress. A 420 friendly house for WordPress Activists in the San Francisco Bay Area that was philanthropically established sure would represent “the beginning of proper help”. If I had the money, I would establish such on a rather immediate basis. Unfortunately, I don’t. Allen D

“Even if you’re not doing anything wrong, you’re being watched and recorded. …it’s getting to the point where you don’t have to have done anything wrong, you simply have to eventually fall under suspicion from somebody, even by a wrong call, and then they can use this system to go back in time and scrutinize every decision you’ve ever made, every friend you’ve ever discussed something with, and attack you on that basis, to sort of derive suspicion from an innocent life.” Edward Snowden

“The NSA has built an infrastructure that allows it to intercept almost everything.” Edward Snowden

The balance was written by me…

Both NSA and Mafia hackers have been intercepting important emails to me for years. Years ago, I also had a number of phone calls clipped off when I began to advise people how to use free form amino acids therapeutically over the phone. I gave up trying to communicate via email or the phone years ago. I also gave up trying to move alternative medical discovery forward when it became clear to me that nothing was ever going to happen in this direction until our Federal Government fell, and was replaced with one that allowed alternative medical truth. The only thing that I will never give up on is trying to Start and Win a Justifiable Revolution in America. They will have to murder me before I stop trying to start a revolution in America. Even jailing me won’t stop me from trying to start a revolution, although it would sure hamper me. There is no giving up on this goal of a justifiable revolution for me. I admittedly gave up once last summer, but my conscience and God taught me a lesson that I needed to learn here.

Our federal government fully intends to use the information that the NSA has collected against millions of Americans. The smarter and more aware that you are of truths that are a threat to the federal government, the bigger the target that you are when Martial Law is declared. As a result of my alternative medical discoveries, I happen to be one of the biggest targets of all. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be picked up soon after Martial Law is declared. So will anyone that has been truly supportive of me. Don’t blame me… you were most probably on the list anyway, simply for being the smart and aware person that you are. The NSA almost certainly knew about you well before you ever ran into me.

If the above paragraph does not provide some persons with motivation to fight and WIN this war we are in, I don’t know what will. We are all fighting for our lives in America, every single one of us that is aware of how corrupt and evil our federal government truly is. Those especially at risk are the smartest, most aware, and most computer and Internet familiar. This includes many persons involved in the management of Google, Facebook, Twitter, Automattic and other Silicon Valley Powers that Be. A Free and Open Internet is the worst thing that ever happened, as far as Conventional Medicine, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Food (Monsanto, etc.), the Mafia, the Illuminati, the NWO folks and our Federal Government goes. The people that got wealthy and powerful from a myriad of lies are all at risk due to a Free and Open Internet. At some point these people, or some of them, intend to use “bought and paid for” Federal Law against those that are involved in a Free and Open Internet (such as persons involved in the corporations named). This is because “they cannot stand the Truth, nor the ability of a free and open Internet to spread such”.

Losing is not an option. If we lose, our children lose, our grandchildren lose, and generations thereafter lose as well. If we lose, tyranny may be imposed on humanity for hundreds of years, if not forever—> with the knowledge and technology that has been developed in which to monitor and control things. We had better get smart and do it quick, or we will be making peace with God while staring out of a fence at a FEMA camp somewhere, while the Dark Ages begins all over again.

In the scheme of things, the Mafia should be the least of our worries. They are only one of the powers that seek to suppress and control the human race. And they are the only suppressing power that is “ever likely to change”. I believe that the Mafia will “Switch Sides”—> once they realize that Silicon Valley is brave enough to Stand Up to Them and our Federal Government on a collective basis—> And that because of this (Silicon Valley standing up) that “they are on the losing side of things”.

Good people that lead happy, productive, and functional lives sometimes find it hard to believe how evil our Federal Government is, or how evil some people can be. I cannot caution persons enough that what happened in Nazi Germany in regard to mass extermination can and WILL happen here all over again, and on a scale much grander than it did the first time around. Not believing this represents denial of the truth. It is fight or die for millions of us. And at this point in time, “we are on the losing end of things”. We will remain “on the losing end of things” until—> Wise Collective Action Is Taken By Silicon Valley to widely wake up the majority of the main stream media brainwashed American Public, especially those in the military, those in law enforcement, and those that have and know how to use a gun.

The Patriot Movement sorely needs leadership that stems out of Silicon Valley and it needs solid support from the very same. As many listeners as they may have, Alex Jones and Mike Adams are inadequate to lead the Patriot Movement to victory against our corrupt Federal Government. They need a great deal help, and some help from persons that are smarter and more capable than they are, and they need help from Google, Facebook, and the rest of Silicon Valley as well. Together “we can do this” (start and win a Justifiable Revolution in America), divided and on our own, “we will all be detained (perhaps indefinitely) or die in a FEMA camp somewhere”.

Can you imagine the positive changes that would occur if Google, Facebook, Twitter, Automattic, LinkedIn, Apple, Edward Snowden (via videoconferencing), Mike Adams, Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Dean Garrison, George Noory, Judge Napolitano, Glenn Beck, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Jim Marrs, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie, many other Freedom Musicians to numerous to name, etc. and my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team put on a multi-location Internet Woodstock in America? The Federal Government would have to rather immediately give up their Martial Law/FEMA camp plans if well over 100 million American YouTube users repeatedly watched this stuff over and over again, as I know that they would. Not only would the Federal Government have to give up these plans, it would soon be replaced by a Federal e-government designed by Silicon Valley, one that was based on the Truth. There is no possible way that our current Federal Government could remain in power if enough people were aware of the truth.

The Powers that Be are deathly afraid of what is defined in the above paragraph. If a false flag EMP attack was recently averted, it would not surprise me if fear of an Internet Woodstock actually happening was one reason such an attack was even considered in the first place. This Internet Woodstock Idea has the power to either hang us or save us, it seems. It depends on “who pulls the trigger first”.

I have repeatedly said, and will say again—> It is a Race for the Truth on Alternative Medical Suppression, Energy Invention Suppression, 9/11 Truth, GMO Truth, etc. to be Widely Heard before the General Public’s Ability to Hear These Truths Over the Internet is Shut Down by our corrupt Federal Government under some false pretense such as Economic Collapse followed by Martial Law, or a false flag EMP attack.

An Internet Woodstock or Internet Woodstock Concert should have happened last summer, or even the summer before. When is this “Critical Awakening Idea” going to finally get adequate corporate support? What are we waiting for?

Properly planned and executed an Internet Woodstock Event would cost someone nothing, as it would generate a profit (and perhaps even a substantial one), just as many other concerts and promotions do. Although generating a profit is not my own personal goal, I thought this fact worthy of mention in closing this blog.

Allen D and Mark J and Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

Put Yourself In My Shoes And Imagine

It has been over 46 months since the Mafia first tried to kill meand they tried to kill me over and over and over and over and over again.

Even though I have miraculously escaped death thus far… who would want to be friends or associate with me?

Only those persons that became aware of my plight from afar via WordPress are able to believe “what has actually happened to me”.

Put yourself in my shoes.

It’s not easy.

I hope that time will give me my strength back.  But sometimes I wonder… how strong am I expected to be?

Am I going to have to live and work for the rest of my life alone?  This is the real tough question for me.

Yes, I admittedly live in a house with two other people, my sister and her son.  I could not be more thankful that I am here vs. my other housing options this winter.

However, just like last year this environment is a very lonely one, and one that is not supportive of the work that I do.

Life without true friendship or love is not easy.  It is even harder when the hope of my finding such seems impossible to me.

Hours hurt.  Even minutes hurt sometimes.  My reality is very painful.  Although I adamantly refuse to take my own life… there are admittedly times I wish things were over.

Although the Mafia has not yet killed me, they have stripped my life of any love, friendship and normality.

How tough am I?  And how tough do I have to be?

Won’t anyone help me face to face, despite knowing that the Mafia may still want to kill me?

“Not me” and “No Way that I am going to get involved in this situation” are the thoughts of everyone that has just read the above, or so it seems.

Such is the Mafia’s power. Once they come after you, no one wants to become personally involved with you. (My WordPress Collaborative Internet Team are all true heroes for having had anything to do with me.)

I need all the love, friendship, support and help that I can get from whomever I can get it from.  I say this knowing that in saying it… in all likelihood nothing will come of this.

Psychologically I can only last so far at my sister’s house.  This is going to be one very tough winter for me.

Writing the above has helped me.  Without being honest about how I feel sometimes, the anger and disappointment that I feel gets turned inward, and it both stifles and depresses me.

Allen D


Notable Quotes by Allen D

A house for WordPress activists needs to be established. Otherwise, those of us fighting for a Justifiable Revolution are either going to be killed, or we are going to run out of fight, sooner or later.

If I cannot motivate Silicon Valley to solidly help me, how the heck am I going to motivate a few hundred million Americans to stand up to their corrupt federal government and take it down?

Far too few Americans are aware of the Real Truth in regard to the Suppression of Alternative Medicine and the Suppression of Energy Invention by the federal government in the United States. No one man or woman is going to be enough to make a real difference here. It is going to take a concerted effort by at least four to six smart people to wake America up on these two topics. I cannot do this alone.

If and/or when America loses me to Mafia killers, it is going to lose the deepest insight in existence in regard to Alternative Medical Suppression both in the United States and in the World as well. It would be extremely wise for some wealthy, powerful and/or well connected persons in Silicon Valley to both Protect and Support me if They Ever Want To See Real Positive Change in America.

The Truth about Energy Invention Suppression has been on the Internet from a variety of sources for a number of years. It has yet to come even close to causing a justifiable revolution in America. Energy Invention Suppression Truth needs to be coupled with the Truth in regard to the fact that our government is allowing various companies and conventional medicine to sicken our children with GMO’s, sweeteners such as Splenda, unhealthy food additives, vaccines, antibiotics, etc.—> and then not allowing them to get well by forcing the use of toxic symptom masking medication in which to treat them, while denying any and all alternative medical knowledge and discovery at the same time.

The Truth about 9/11 is not enough to cause a Justifiable Revolution in America. It also needs to be coupled with other significant federal government transgressions in order to spark a justifiable Revolution in America.  The two most significant transgressions that it would be the most effective with are (1) Energy Invention Suppression, and (2) Alternative Medical Suppression. 

Obamacare foists the hoax of pharmaceutical medicine on an unaware and uneducated public. In doing so, if not successfully opposed, it dooms the future of America.

Conventional medicine will >>>Not Ever Change<<< unless the federal government is overthrown in America. Big Pharma, their Mafia partners (the ones that kept trying to kill me), and those who practice conventional medicine are all making far too much money from things being the way that they are—> enough money to corrupt every single branch of the federal government in the United States forever.

Please don’t try to email me anything supportive. Hackers go through my email inbox before I get to it, and delete any email that would really help me. All you are doing in emailing me is “identifying yourself as an enemy”. You are making yourself a target, that’s all.

The only real support that anyone can give me is going to have to start by quite literally “showing up at my door in Albany NY”. I can be packed and gone within an hour, if someone ever really decides to help me, and I believe them after five minutes of chatting with them.

Google is clearly aware of and has been very supportive of my WordPress Collaborative Team’s Internet work. Someone should take advantage of this fact, as it has reduced the risk of helping me enormously. Even the Mafia does not want to mess with “the Power of Google, Facebook and the Internet”. It is this fact that is keeping me alive at the moment. However, it won’t keep me alive for a long enough time to solidly contribute to starting a justifiable revolution, unless I get some real help.

If I die in the next year or two, don’t doubt who did it, no matter how it looks—> it was the Mafia, the same folks that tried to kill me so many times before.


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I Am Stuck And Part Of This Is Admittedly A State Of Depression

I don’t know what to tell everybody. I am quite depressed, and just don’t feel like blogging at all.

A lot of this depression is chemical, and related to my diet and a lack of supplementation.

A lot of this depression is situational and psychological as well.

I want to write, I just can’t right now.

I will get back to things when I feel better.

Allen D

America’s Future Is Dependent On Whether Some People Are Going To Become Collectively Brave Or Not

Corporate Rule and a 1984 Agenda are going to be foisted upon America unless the American Public wakes up en masse.

There are number of people in Silicon Valley that are Aware of the Above.

The big question is “Are they going to take collective and heroic action in which to stop such?”.

If Silicon Valley does not take action, the Growth of Truth Awareness via the Internet is likely to Be Too Slow to stop “whatever tyrannical agenda that the Federal Government has in store for all of us”.

Although I am getting some, if not substantial help, from some persons in Silicon Valley and one heroic man in Florida, and I am deeply appreciative of such—>

I am getting concerned that “whatever help I am getting is not enough to get the job at hand done”.

It is not me personally that I am primarily worried about. (“Other than my alternative medical discoveries, I am nothing” in the scheme of things.) It is “all of us” that I am worried about—> Every man, woman and child in America.

A house for WordPress Activists should have been philanthropically established a long time ago, and I should be there, along with some other people. When, and/or if, is this ever going to happen?

Actions speak louder than words.

Allen D with Key and Critical Help from Mark J and—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress and Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth