I Have A Great Deal To Be Thankful For This Thanksgiving


I have always liked the spirit of Thanksgiving—> a day to step back and “count your blessings”, regardless of what difficulties and problems you may face.

I have a Great Deal to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving! That’s No Lie!

I cannot thank those persons and parties that have Heroically Helped Me from afar enough for All That They Have Done to Stand Up with me against numerous Powers that Be, to include our corrupt U.S. Federal Government, other corrupt governments worldwide, the American Mafia (whom has tried to kill me and members of my WordPress Team numerous times), the Illuminati, the Bilderberg/NWO/Agenda 21 folks, Big Pharma, Big Oil and other Powers that Be as well.

First and foremost that I have to be thankful for are Mark J of CoveredWebServices.com and all of those heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists in San Francisco that have been helping me and/or us from afar since April 2012. All of you are true American heroes for having done what you have done in regard to putting your lives at risk for me and the rest of your Fellow Americans.

Next that I have to be thankful for are many persons involved with Google, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress (Automattic), all of whom I believe are helping my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team (and in some cases mentioned are substantially and heroically doing so).

Oops, I forgot to mention the Apple Computer Company! Without Apple, I had lost my ability to communicate to the world without suffering from extraordinary hacker interference. It had gotten to the point over a year ago that I could not use a Windows based computer on the Internet at all. Even brand new and just out of the box, whatever Windows Laptop I might buy either (1) could not use the Internet at all, or (2) could barely use the Internet (to the point that I could get almost nothing done on WordPress). Therefore—> On this Thanksgiving I am deeply thankful to Apple for the development of the Mountain Lion Operating System, and the iMac that I currently use to write WordPress blogs with.

[What follows are some more specifics as to “Why I am thanking Apple”—> Without the use of an Apple computer using the Mountain Lion OS, I would have been almost >>>Totally Silenced on the Internet<<< from the fall of 2012 onward. In September or October of 2012 I bought two different Windows based laptops from a Walmart in Des Moines IA within a matter of days of each other. Even brand new “neither of these laptops would hardly work at all” when on the Internet. About three or four months after this (about January 2013) I bought a third brand new laptop from a Walmart in Albany NY. Right out of the box it would not work on the Internet as well—> it got hammered by hackers and made “Totally Internet Useless” within a few minutes of connecting to the Internet via a hardwire cable connection. Problems with these three new Windows laptops all occurred after my having “chronic hacker induced problems” on about a dozen different personal Windows computers between June 2006 and April 2012. These problems got progressively worse as time went on. Problems with these three new Windows laptops also occurred after my having “chronic hacker induced problems” while using numerous Mid York public library computers in upstate NY for years beginning in the summer of 2006, and my having “chronic hacker induced problems” for years while using Hamilton College library computers in Clinton NY as well. In contrast to this, using Apple computers I did have “hacker induced problems” with my first iMac using the Lion Operating System within days of receiving it via UPS in March 2013. I had to return this iMac a few weeks after I bought it, despite the fact it was successfully serviced once by a professional after it had become Internet useless due to hackers (the same problems soon came back). However, when I got my second iMac with Mountain Lion OS in late March or early April of 2013 (from the same vendor I had bought my other refurbished iMac from) hackers have only been able to shut me down once (in July 2013 in Florence OR), such that its operating system needed to be professionally reinstalled. I should perhaps mention that I did spend about $90 on MacKeeper antivirus/security software in April 2013, and I think this may be of some help. Other than “this one time” of being shut down in Florence OR, I have been able to use the Internet “just like everyone else” with my current Mountain Lion OS iMac. If it was not for the iMac that I have and use at present, I would have completely lost my voice on the Internet last year to either Mafia Hacker Interference, Big Pharma Hacker Interference, and/or U.S. Federal Government Hacker Interference. Incidentally, in September or October of 2012 I did have a helpful and accomplished hacker in Des Moines IA use one of the laptops that I had just bought. He told me that there were six different parties that were hacking me, and that he had “hacked them all back”. Unfortunately, the Mafia got to this man and absolutely terrified him. Not only did this hacker quit helping me, he refused to return my laptop. He called it “payment for services rendered in my behalf”, and I was in no position to refuse him. The laptop was useless to me anyway. What was the point in getting it back other than to get a refund from Walmart? At the time money meant nothing to me, as I was actively defending myself from multiple Mafia attempts to take my life (and four hundred dollars or so was “of no real help”). I knew at this point that my tenure using any Windows based computer was probably over, but I did try one more time after this (No Go, just as I thought). In my humble opinion, I am without a doubt “the most hacked man in America”, if not the World, since June 2006, when I first put my son Willy’s Original ADHD/Bipolar Natural Recovery Story on the Internet. On this Thanksgiving, I have much to Thank Apple Inc. for! That’s for sure! And so do my Fellow Americans have much to Thank Apple for—> due to the fact that the Alternative Medical Discoveries that I (and my son Willy) have made deserve to be heard by every single person in the world—> and without the use of an Apple Computer (and a Free and Open Internet, of course) these alternative medical discoveries do not stand a chance of ever seeing the light of day. Windows based systems are simply too vulnerable to hackers, no matter what is done to try to secure them—> at least that is my opinion, an opinion based on over seven years experience. I cannot recommend Apple Mountain Lion OS computers enough to anyone that has ever been hacked. If you cannot afford new, buy a refurbished one from a quality vendor of such, as I did, and put the best version of MacKeeper on it on day one.]

I have many other persons in Silicon Valley and elsewhere to be thankful for, either unnamed or anonymous, but that deeply deserve my thanks regardless.

I am thankful that my two sons Max and Willy are both healthy, and doing fairly well in life and in school. I had my very first Google Hangout! with Max and Willy for over half an hour this Thanksgiving, and had a great time talking to both of them using Google Hangout over the Internet! (Thank You Google! for developing such an incredibly useful, versatile and easy to use video platform!)

I am deeply Thankful for my deceased parents Arthur and Marion Darmanfor giving me the morality, the strength, the knowledge, the skills, the intelligence and the courage to “Do the Right Thing”, and put my life on the line for the human race vs. Big Pharma (and their Mafia partners and friends) beginning in the summer of 2000, over thirteen years ago.

I am deeply thankful to God that I have survived numerous attempts by the American Mafia take my life on behalf of Big Pharma since January 6, 2010. And—>

I guess I also owe the American Mafia a Thank You for not killing me this past year. I sure hope I can say the same thing to you guys next year as well. Unfortunately, there is some question in my mind in this regard. (I am deeply concerned that you may simply “be waiting for the right opportunity to take me out”, a “lingering wait” so it appears that “you were not involved in my death”. You guys need to reconsider things and “Switch Sides”, for America’s Sake, as well as your own. The Patriot Movement Stands A Very Good Chance Of Winning Against The Feds, Despite The Fact That It May Seem That The Feds Hold The Winning Hand At Present. I sure would not underestimate the Power of Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Automattic, Apple, Silicon Valley in general, the Patriot Movement, the Sleeping Giant called the Armed American Public and the Truth. Even if the Internet is Heavily Government Censored or Shut Down, or Martial Law is declared… such events do not guarantee that the Feds will win. And what good is an EMP attack? Such would simply ruin America for almost everybody. When the Patriot Movement wins, you sure don’t want to be on the wrong side aligned with Big Pharma and the Feds. You want to be on the Right Side working with and for the winners, or otherwise you will be targeted by “those who take over”. The Power of a Free and Open Internet has Changed Everything. The days of profiting from secretive murder and secretive pressure on politicians and others are ending, just as the days of the Wild West ended in the late 1800’s. I’d sure consider a substantial annual sum to work for us, rather than lose everything, to include all of your wealth and possessions, your Freedom (being imprisoned), your citizenship (being deported), the citizenship of your family members, and in some cases your lives by taking the wrong side in this Complex War that we are in. If the Federal Government FEMA camp extermination agenda fails them in regard to gaining dictatorial control over America on a permanent basis, there is going to be hell to pay, and you sure do not want to be a target… which you will most certainly be, if you do not “Switch Sides”. I am not threatening you, I am trying to warn you of what the future will bring when the current stalemate ends “if the Feds lose, and the Patriot Revolution joined by a rapidly Awakening American Public, Military and Police Force wins”.)

I am deeply thankful to my sister Laurie Darman and her son Benji for letting me reside with them in Albany NY.

I am thankful for—> the Patriot Movement, all of the American heroes that are rising to the Patriot Movement Cause on the Internet,and the fact that Facebook is giving us a useful platform in which to Share Patriot Movement information with each other. (Google and Twitter may be doing this too, but Facebook has been “of the most use to me” for my Patriot Movement Educational Work.)

And lastly, Google deserves a Special Mention—>

Google Wished My Heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Happy Thanksgiving It Seems!


My heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team all owes Google a great debt of gratitude for this public statement (one of many) of their support on Thanksgiving 2013, one that “is understood by us WordPress folks” for sure.   (We realize that some Google Search Results are not simply algorithm generated, but are carefully thought out by some people that work for and/or manage Google.)

I personally cannot Thank Google enough for doing this for us.  (Every other member of my Patriot Movement WordPress Collaborative Internet Team feels the same way).  Our WordPress Team needed a little morale boost, and a little bit of supportive help.  And you just gave it to us “in spades” by giving our Internet Woodstock Concert idea Google Search Result #9—> 

Can We Have A Thanksgiving Or Christmas iWOODSTOCK Concert 

out of over three billion results.


I admittedly have some difficulties and problems at present.  However, this does not negate that fact that I have a tremendous amount to be Thankful For this Thanksgiving.

I most certainly realize this Thanksgiving that “the positives greatly outweigh the negatives” in my life.

I could not be More Thankful than I am today!  

I am Deeply Thankful to So Many for So Much—> I will “Remember This Tomorrow”—> and for as long as I live as well.  

This blog was prepared by Allen D with critical and heroic help from Mark J

Our material often comes attached with–—>

Appreciated and sometimes heroic Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress 

And it most definitely always comes attached with heroic Help from our
San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

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