Allen D is going to Take a Much Needed *Long Break* from Blogging due to the fact other things need his focus and attention

i worked some amazingly long hours since Thanksgiving morning, that’s 4 sure.

i was working for both America and the world on an emergency basis.

god carried me through this—> that’s no lie.

i got one 3.25 sleep block, and a 4.5 hour one.

that’s a total of about 8 hours sleep from turkey day until tuesday 8:36 pm (the time now).

i’m burnt.

i also blogged my ass off to “Show Google and Facebook what I could do”.  however. this WAS NOT my primary motivation to work this hard—>

the primary motivator for me is I am deathly afraid of martial law.


Once the 8 website list made it up on the FederalGovSuppression wall—>

our >>>Key Website<<< can be considered “up and functional”—>

despite the tact it needs a bit more work.

i love u all.

more copy later.

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