iSlices4> DEC 13 2013

I either lost my smart phone charger, or it was stolen.

This is going to impair my ability to use this smart phone to communicate with.

I am still tired from dragging my iMac all over yesterday.

I will be doing the same thing today.

It’s going to be a tough three weeks.

I have endured many tough times.

I will get through this, just as I have gotten through what I went through prior.

I have a lot to be thankful for—> I will never forget this.

I expect to be at the library today from noon to about 3:30 pm working with my iMac.

To be continued later.


The wrap up for DEC 13—>

Everything fell my way today!

Not only did I get some good WordPress Work done, I ate enough to not feel drained at the end of the day.

I feel great! And I KNOW I BELONG HERE.

The icing on the cake is “I got a three day pass for a bed upstairs!” at the shelter at 5th and Bryant.

No sleeping in a hard plastic chair tonight.

I am so deeply thankful to so many for so much, it’s not funny.

God smiled upon me today!

I’ve got to wrap this up to save battery power.

No need to worry about me!

I am the Happiest Man alive!

That is No Shit.

Allen D with critical help from Mark J and heroic help from our San Francisco gang of WordPress Warriors for the Truth

P.S. tomorrow I will transfer the above to the other copy of this material on


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  1. SmokeMasterAllenD Post author

    Reblogged this on 16 WordPress Websites That Brought The Feds Down!! and commented:

    Regardless of whether any folks from the WordPress Company called Automattic, Google, Facebook, or members of my anonymous San Francisco WordPress Collaborative Internet Team make my transition easy here or not over the next three weeks or so (until I can get my own room somewhere), I wish to express my Deepest Thanks and Most Heartfelt Appreciation to ALL OF THOSE PERSONS THAT HAVE SUPPORTED ME via the Internet. I love you folks more than you will ever know, even if we never meet due to your reluctance to do so. Your heroic and ongoing support via the Internet has finally gotten me to the point where I live “totally fear free” of both the Mafia and the Feds, and it has very likely saved my life. (If not, then Internet Martyrdom was the Fate God had planned for me, and “who am I to second guess God?”.)

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