iSlices4> DEC12 2013

According to ADOGG—>

It’s 6:30 pm and I am checked into the homeless shelter at 5th and Bryant again.

It is not too bad here—>

Even though there are not enough beds, and I expect to sleep in a chair again.

There is an Intake Process in which “a bed might come out of such”… but I have not made it to that point yet.

I did find out where I can get a free lunch near the library. (St. Anthony’s is the name of the place I think.)

I skipped lunch today because I was engrossed with blogging on my iMac at the Main Branch of the SF Public Library.

I had a free dinner with the homeless at a place called Glide.

I then used my last $2 to take the #27 bus from Glide to where I am now.

After an hour and twenty minute wait in line, I got into the shelter and am parked for the night.

Tomorrow the library does not open until noon, so I won’t get much blogging done.

I am going to try to avoid dumping my iMac in a pawnshop for as long as I can.

Let’s hope my suitcase with wheels holds up—> because if it does not—> then I have no choice but to pawn my iMac until I can retrieve it on the first.

Not long after graduating high school in 1970 I lived in Boston for about six to eight months.

Generally I avoid living in big cities, and all of the hassles and stress inherent in big city life.

However, I really like San Francisco.

I am pleasantly surprised by “how much I like it here”.

As I blogged earlier today, I have decided to stay here.

Hauling my iMac around in a suitcase while carrying a shoulder bag at the same time admittedly tired me out today.

Let’s see what tomorrow brings.

ADOGG with deeply appreciated help from Mark J and our heroic WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Internet Team

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