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Please Forgive Me I Cannot Blog Right Now

I made a mistake in coming to Albany.

This is not a good environment for me psychologically.

I have no clue where to go or what to do next.

Please bear with me.

Allen D

I Am Back In Albany For A Little While

I will not be staying here in Albany any longer than six weeks, and I may leave sooner than this.

I thought my sister needed the economic support my renting from her provided, but she says “No, they are getting by on a month to month basis without me”.

The above frees me up, as far as going places goes.

Today I was almost unable to log into WordPress due to the fact I lost the card I had with my WordPress password on it.

Thank God I remembered my WordPress password, or I would have great difficulty blogging at all until this issue was resolved.

Maybe I made a mistake in coming to San Francisco.

More likely, maybe I made a mistake in leaving San Francisco when I was able to do so on the 1st.

I have already had problems with hacker interference here, and I had tremendous difficulty with hacker interference in Reno at the motel I was staying at.

Although the Mafia is most certainly a concern for myself and any member of my team, of bigger concern to all Americans should be what is coming as far as the Federal Government “has planned for us”.

I get the sense the clock is running out as far as any sense of normality in America goes.

Allen D

I Am Puzzled As To What To Do Next

I am booked up until the 15th in the motel that I am in. This motel is the Desert Rose Inn on 655 w. 4th St., Reno NV, room 203.

My Smart Phone, which I did not renew, but should work with a wireless connection regardless (I think) has been totally button dead for close to a week.

I might as well throw my smart phone away for all the good it does me.

The Internet Connection in my motel room is clearly being hacker interfered with.

My only real Wifi time consists of putting my iMac in a suitcase, dragging it downstairs, and wheeling it to a Starbucks nearby.

Where do I go from here?

I did contact my sister Laurie in Albany to see if she is OK with me returning there by Amtrak on the 18th (leaving Reno on the 15th).

At least at Laurie’s house I have a hardline Internet Connection and can get some work done.

In honesty, there is no way I could not be disappointed that no one picked me up in San Francisco.

I know that I simply have to get over this, and that my best choice is to simply find a place that I can get some real work done.

A few hours a day in Starbucks is not going to cut it.

I will post what my sister Laurie tells me, and we’ll take it from there I guess.

If she says “No”, I might come back to San Francisco, or I might go somewhere else.

Despite no one picking me up, I cannot be more thankful to those anonymous persons in San Francisco and Silicon Valley that are helping me.

Without your awareness of my situation in regard to the Mafia repeatedly having tried to kill me, and your online help, I’d be dead today. (I owe you folks my life and I know it.)

I don’t think that the Mafia wants to make a deal at this point, and I think that they still wish I was not here anymore.

The Mafia is only held back by my Internet Martyrdom.

The Mafia should be Justifiably Blamed for my death in 2014 (should it occur).

The above is true no matter how it seemingly occurs (as suicide can be staged, and whatever method they use they will not leave proof of any sort that it was “they that did it”).

It may very well be Mafia hackers that are blocking me from communicating, for they have done so for so many years before.

That’s too bad, because the course we are on in America compromises the health of many millions of children as well as adults, and is bankrupting this country as well.

I sure hope that in the future the Mafia becomes more enlightened and changes their mind.

It sure would make things a lot easier if the Mafia realized that Silicon Valley is open to a deal, and that “a fair deal is the best way out”.

It would also make things easier if Google, Facebook, and WordPress got together and planned to put on an Internet Woodstock Event this July, with or without me (depending on whether I am still alive or not). Doing such would put pressure on the Mafia to “make a fair deal”. Otherwise, why should they change from what they are doing now?

If not either of the above two paragraphs, it is going to take a great deal of courage by a lot of people in order to straighten America out.

Between what happened on 9/11, the longstanding suppression of energy invention discoveries, and the longstanding suppression of alternative medical discoveries We the People are fighting Great Evil of Enormous Proportions in America.

Only Collective Courage against Great Evil stands a chance of winning this battle for the truth we are all in.

Without Collective Courage, especially by those in San Francisco and Silicon Valley that are as Aware as I am of what is really going on in America (and Have the Capability of Actually Doing Something About It such as holding a Worldwide “Truth Suppression Uncovering” Internet Woodstock Concert Event), what chance does America have?

It is up to us to Wake Up America to the Truth, especially in regard to the fraud of pharmaceutical medicine, the fraud of Big Oil, Big Nuclear and Big Energy as a whole, and the almost total corruption of our federal government.

Failure is Not An Option—> for if we fail this country, and perhaps the world, is doomed.

Whomever is really listening to me, please don’t expect me on my own efforts to make an Internet Woodstock happen. My CHRONIC COMMUNICATION PROBLEM DISALLOWS THIS.

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Please Bear With Me I Am Not In A Blogging Mood Yet

I am thinking a lot.

I should perhaps mention that—>

A bothersome health issue has finally come into play.

My gall bladder, which has given me trouble on and off for two decades now, has been really bothering me since soon after I got to Reno.

I have tried liver cleansing a few times in the past fifteen years, with mixed success.

Perhaps it’s time to try again.

I will begin blogging “when I feel more up to it”.

Allen D

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSlices 4> JAN-4

Note: This blog will be written assuming that hackers don’t give me fits in regard to staying online in my motel room and Starbucks too.

I suspect these hackers giving me trouble in Reno are U.S. Government ones, and not employed by the Mafia.

I could be wrong in my suspicions, but that is how I read things at this point.

Regardless of what I think, “the hang ’em all rule applies” (the Illuminati, the Feds and the Mafia) if something happens to me in Reno.

I did talk to the woman that manages the motel yesterday in regard to my Internet Problem here.

She said they have WiFi signal devices on every building, and no one else has complained about WiFi problems.

She told me “Check your computer”.

It makes little sense, but my computer keeps getting disconnected from the WiFi signal that the motel puts out, even though the WiFi indicator on my computer shows five bars.

I went to Starbucks to use their WiFi signal there yesterday for a few hours.

At first I had no problem at Starbucks.

Then there came a point at Starbucks where the same thing happened.

I lost the Starbucks signal too for a little while.

This happened at a critical point when I was working on the “Complex War Blog”.

The Complex War blog targets the U.S. Government.


I was sleepy last night, and opted not to work.

Today I will be going to either Starbucks or the Reno Public Library to use their WiFi for a little while.


It’s almost 3:00 pm.

I’m at Starbucks stoned.

My brain has been on slow gear without smoking a little pot.

I just took one small hit, and I’m pretty trashed.

It creeps up on you.

I don’t have much left though, and I have “no 420 connect” here.

The first one was a fly by.

So I’ve been milking what little I got.


Cops come in this Starbucks a lot.

When I was rolling up outside, two cops walked inside in front of me, and—>

Less than 15 minutes later three more walk in.

This Starbucks is popular with the Reno Police… lol


I am getting regular, if not chronic, WiFi interference in my motel room.

I am constantly putting my clicker on the WiFi Indicator in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and—>

Clicking on the WiFi signal to see—>

Wi-Fi: Looking for networks…

To Publish or Update It Often Takes Me Ten Tries or More.


I liked the #2 Choice that Facebook Made in regard to my Facebook Wall Year In Review for 2013.

The “Introducing the Concept of a Healing House” Blog was quite popular when it was first circulated in Yahoo Groups and other places on the Internet in 2007.

Simply put, “the Trilogy Idea” that (a) One Should Take Responsibility for His or Her Own Health, (b) Be HONESTLY, Thoroughly and Properly Educated >>>In Layman’s Terms<<< How To Do So, and (c) Have Access To The Entire Nutrition and Nutritional Supplement Range that my son Willy and I did (Willy’s Original Baggie and Willy’s Baggie ii, plus probiotics, P & B Shakes, non-allergic food, juicing, green shakes, coconut, etc.) —>

Is A Enormous Threat To The Powers That Be, to include the U.S. Federal Government.


My fingers were swollen this morning as well from allergic food exposure of some sort.

I’ve been dragging mentally and physically today.

I’m going to call it quits early at Starbucks, and going back to my motel.

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSlices 4> JAN-2

According to Allen D—>

I love this Susan Boyle moment when “she introduces herself to the world”. It often brings tears to my eyes.

My Smart Phone is out of time, and I have yet to renew it.


The WiFi connection in my motel room keeps going on and off.

This will make blogging from here very difficult.

January 2nd is going to be a very slow day blogging-wise.

Please bear with me this week, as “the whole week may be somewhat slow output-wise”.

Next week I need to either move rooms or move to another motel.

I could go and complain to the management today and try to move rooms, but I don’t feel up to it.

I also am unsure whether moving rooms would help, as the signal strength for WiFi in the upper right hand corner of my iMac screen shows five darkened bars (full strength).


I slept all last night, but I am still a little tired.

My fingers were swollen this morning, which means “I ate something yesterday that I was allergic to”.


Soon I am going out to try to find a crock pot and some non-allergic and inexpensive grocery store food.

It is a nice sunny day here in Reno.


I went out and bought some more groceries and a warm knit cap for $45.

I got a haircut, and got charged $20. Ouch! I thought it was going to be cheaper.

Then I found a set of clippers to do my own hair for only $18. when I went to the grocery store after I got clipped (literally)—>

I could have cut my own hair and saved a buck and some change. lol

The barber was a real nice guy though.

We talked.

Many people I talk to are very nice, both in San Francisco and here.

The barber already knew “We need a Revolution to Straighten America out”.

It is nice to find people that are Aware of this.

I also found a supplement store and bought a bottle of taurine, an inhibitory amino acid that really helps me in regard to sleep, for a little less than $10.

I wanted to buy tryptophan, but they wanted $48. for a 120 capsule bottle of it, which is just too much $$$.

To get a small crock pot, I have to go to Walmart by bus, and I am going out to do this in a little while.

The bus only runs once an hour, or so I was told.

So it will be a few hours before I get back.

I am down to about $200. on my card, and $100. in my pocket, after I pay four weeks more rent here for $720.

Due to this, I am strongly considering blowing off renewing my Smart Phone for the month.

I may publish my room number in here, along with the motel number, so that if someone wants to call me, they will have a way to do this.

The bad guys already know where I am anyway, but I do not feel afraid or threatened—>

Thanks to Google, Facebook, Automattic, and my heroic Collaborative Team watching over me.

I am fully prepared mentally to be an Internet Martyr if need be.

The American Mafia decides the above, not I.

I don’t think the Feds or the Illuminati will mess with me.

The American Mafia is more powerful than both of these two parties, or so it sure seems.

However, if something ever happens to me within the next year, and the Patriot Movement Wins a Justifiable Revolution, all three parties need to be dealt with for America to become Truly Free (unless the Mafia “Wisely Switches Sides”, as per many blogs I wrote in 2013).


I’m back from Walmart.

The small crock pot I like is only about $10. there.

I also got a trim kit with scissors and nail clippers, a large spoon, some tablespoons, and a bowl.

The total was $26. bucks.

I have $77. left in my pocket, and $200. on the card.

Lentils, garbanzos, olive oil, some onion, and sea salt is cooking as I write this.

My mouth waters thinking of lentil soup.

Now I can eat healthy and cheap.


Tomorrow if I have major WiFi problems here at the motel, I am going to put my iMac back into my suitcase, and take a little walk.

A Starbucks is close to this motel, and I could probably walk to the Reno Public Library as well.

It’s good to get out of my room anyway.

Too much time in one room is not good.


Other than the need to do laundry, I have the basics that I need here in Reno to go back to work Website Development-wise.

I might not be able to work real long hours if this motel’s WiFi keeps giving me trouble, but—>

I most certainly will be able to get some Internet work done seven days a week.

Internet Silence on my part for three days in a row means—>

Some party “got to me”.

However, I think I will be OK this month.

Time will tell.


It sticks in my mind that my big problem in regard to approaching Google Ventures or anyone else in regard to developing and funding an Internet Woodstock is—>

I still have a Major Communication Problem—>


My phone calls, email correspondence, and any means of communicating over the Internet can, and will, be interfered with by either Federal Government or Mafia Hackers if such communication means “I am succeeding IN REGARD TO MAKING AN iWOODSTOCK HAPPEN”.

This Communication Problem means that if we as a Team are to succeed in getting an Internet Woodstock off the ground, something needs to change.

I cannot do this alone, because of the above mentioned Communication Problem.

I request that all of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team Members “Think About This”.


I’d like to close this blog with One More Underdog “who shows her stuff” to the world.

I like “Underdog Stories”—> for I was (and perhaps still am) most certainly an Underdog myself when I tackled Big Pharma and the Hoax of Using Medication to Treat the Nutrient Deficiencies that Are Inherent in Causing Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Depression and the like in the summer of 2000.

This material was prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

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Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

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Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans and Humanity Free!

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