Between Now And November 7th Most Of My Time Is Going To Be Spent Reposting

Between Now And November 7th Most Of My Time Is Going To Be Spent Reposting


In one blog or another on one WordPress website or another of my WordPress Collaborative Internet Team’s, I have pretty much said what I have to say to the America Mafia, the Patriot Movement and the Upper Echelon of Management in Silicon Valley.

Is the American Mafia going to show up on November 7th at noon to pick me up?

I have no clue.

However, I intend on “Being Ready” in case they do so.

Rather than generate any more new material, it seems wisest to make the best use of what I have.

I’d rather leave Albany escorted somewhere by the American Mafia with our Team’s WordPress Websites (and one dot com website) far better organized than they are now.

It’s all grunt work now—> finding the best rendition of numerous WordPress Blogs—> Editing Them if need be—> and then Appropriately Spreading Them Around—>

As well as prioritizing many blogs “Order-wise” on a number of websites of ours.

If the American Mafia shows up on the 7th, I am going to grab my bag and go with them.

If they do not show up, I am going to continue our Patriot Movement WordPress Website Development Work as before, and await further developments.

The American Mafia is the Key to America getting unstuck from where we are now, just as Silicon Valley is.

I hope all parties see things this way.

It would be wise for the American Mafia and Silicon Valley to have a long conversation with each other.

I am willing to risk my life in order to be a Catalyst in this Critical Event Occurring in the Near Future.

Assuming that the American Mafia picks me up on November 7th, I pray that some Silicon Valley Key Players will be brave enough and willing enough to talk to the American Mafia and I (1) “if they are Open to Various Ideas that I am proposing will help America to get out of the jam it is in”, and (2) “if we can work things out in principle”.


On the part of Silicon Valley> There is no need to be afraid of the American Mafia if “you do not threaten their pocketbook”, which I do not intend to do, nor do I recommend that you do as well.

On the part of the Mafia> There is no need to be afraid of Silicon Valley and the Growing Patriot Movement in America, if you “Wisely Switch Sides” and help us to topple our current corrupt Federal Government, and then work with us to “effect fiscal justice” and to “straighten out America”.

On the part of Silicon Valley, the Patriot Movement and the American Mafia> There is every need for all of you, as well as every American Citizen, to be greatly concerned about the FedGov’s Tyrannical Agenda and their future Economic Collapse, Martial Law and FEMA camp plans.

I am Fully Aware that if “The Key Players in Silicon Valley Shy Away From the American Mafia and I”, and are unwilling to talk to us sometime in November—>
That I am likely “to be a dead man soon”, and may not see Thanksgiving.

If my demise soon becomes the case, at least I tried to find “an answer that would actually work” for both America and the World too. If things do not turn out well for me, I will at least have the satisfaction of knowing that right up until the end that I did my best “according to the little piece of God in me” at all times”.

One parting thought—> I sure hope the Feds don’t show up on November 7th “pretending to be the Mafia”. Such a False Flag Attack is “not out of the question”, by any means.

Allen D (with key help from Mark J and our heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team)

Our WordPress Team’s Websites> 21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America

Posted on October 30, 2013—>

The above mentioned 21 Revolution Educational Websites for the Patriot Movement are all under Reorganization and/or Construction beginning on October 30, 2013.


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