I Am Back In Albany For A Little While

I Am Back In Albany For A Little While



I will not be staying here in Albany any longer than six weeks, and I may leave sooner than this.

I thought my sister needed the economic support my renting from her provided, but she says “No, they are getting by on a month to month basis without me”.

The above frees me up, as far as going places goes.

Today I was almost unable to log into WordPress due to the fact I lost the card I had with my WordPress password on it.

Thank God I remembered my WordPress password, or I would have great difficulty blogging at all until this issue was resolved.

Maybe I made a mistake in coming to San Francisco.

More likely, maybe I made a mistake in leaving San Francisco when I was able to do so on the 1st.

I have already had problems with hacker interference here, and I had tremendous difficulty with hacker interference in Reno at the motel I was staying at.

Although the Mafia is most certainly a concern for myself and any member of my team, of bigger concern to all Americans should be what is coming as far as the Federal Government “has planned for us”.

I get the sense the clock is running out as far as any sense of normality in America goes.

Allen D

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