iSlices 4> DEC 7

iSlices 4> DEC 7


i don’t know how much blogging i am going to get done today because—>

it’s saturday and i have to go shopping with my sister as we usually do.

i slept 7 hours or so last night, and seven hours or so the night before.

so i am not too tired but—>

i don’t know if i will sleep tonight—> there is so much more that needs to be done.

i wonder if i can use my iMac offline with WordPress on the train, and then “Send” when we hit a city with wireless nearby?

this is a trust in god trip, i am going to arrive in sf practically broke.

whatever happens happens.

i believe in my heroic WordPress team!

and i believe in GOOGLE!

and in Facebook 2!

i cannot thank all of u folks enough for what u have done, and are doing, to help me.

it’s not me that is the only party that needs help—> 4 america and the world need our help 2.

they need what we can give—> a great awakening to the truth on many important topics.





A Complex War 4 THE TRUTH 2 BE SET FREE Is Coming 2 A Head; The Future Of The World Is At State

more links coming soon

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