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America’s Future Is Dependent On Whether Some People Are Going To Become Collectively Brave Or Not


Corporate Rule and a 1984 Agenda are going to be foisted upon America unless the American Public wakes up en masse.

There are number of people in Silicon Valley that are Aware of the Above.

The big question is “Are they going to take collective and heroic action in which to stop such?”.

If Silicon Valley does not take action, the Growth of Truth Awareness via the Internet is likely to Be Too Slow to stop “whatever tyrannical agenda that the Federal Government has in store for all of us”.

Although I am getting some, if not substantial help, from some persons in Silicon Valley and one heroic man in Florida, and I am deeply appreciative of such—>

I am getting concerned that “whatever help I am getting is not enough to get the job at hand done”.

It is not me personally that I am primarily worried about. (“Other than my alternative medical discoveries, I am nothing” in the scheme of things.) It is “all of us” that I am worried about—> Every man, woman and child in America.

A house for WordPress Activists should have been philanthropically established a long time ago, and I should be there, along with some other people. When, and/or if, is this ever going to happen?

Actions speak louder than words.

Allen D with Key and Critical Help from Mark J and—>

With Deeply Appreciated Help from GoogleFacebookTwitterthe People Underlying WordPress and Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth