WordPress **INTERNET/MANAGEMENT** iSlices4> FEB14 > Valentine’s Day (2-14-14)

WordPress **INTERNET/MANAGEMENT** iSlices4> FEB14 > Valentine’s Day

iSlices4> FEB14 > Valentine’s Day




It’s only about 11 pm on the 13th, so I am cheating by an hour in regard to Dating the Above.

I got a three hour nap between 7 and 10.

I needed a little sleep.


Since I got Up, I did some cleanup chores in the kitchen, and “at my desk”.

The Coffee is Warm, and my Cup is Full.

All I need is a few hits of Fresh Green, and I’m ready to Blog Rock and Roll 4 the night.

Gregg Allman – Midnight Rider (1973) >

I’m a Midnight Keyboard Rider/Warrior 4 my Team, 4God… and 4 my Wise and Brave Google Bosses—> MSg and MASTERg!

I gotta Midnight Ride on my Harley Quite a Ways, and—>

I gotta Cross Seven of those damn steel mesh bridges that make my bike front tire wiggle 2!

“Seven Bridges Road”…By The Eagles >

I ain’t worried a bit tho—> ’cause things are all in God’s hands!—>

And God’s Alive! I know SHE IS.

Andy Cherry – Our God’s Alive with Lyrics >

HEY GIRLS! I got a Good 420Idea!

Do U2 wanna go on a Ride with me!

Magic Carpet Ride — Steppenwolf –>

128th Helicopter Gunship Assault Company, prepping the LZ Vietnam >

Jees, after listening to that fellow talk about war as tho “it were a normal state of affairs”… —>

i wanna think and sing about God and Good Venture Things! a little bit more again…

George Harrison-My Sweet Lord (Studio Version) Original >

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Woodstock >

This WordPress blog took me 1/2 hour so far (to include the next song).

It took so long because I am a slow Song PickR in YouTube!

I like to Take My Time in YouTube… > and i like 2 TRY A LOT of Things/(try different versions of the same song).

Cant’ U C??? Blogging and Embedding YouTube Songs in WordPress Blogs is So Easy!

The Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See (Original) HQ 1973 >

Sade > he’s a smooth blog operator that ADOGG is >

This WordPress Blog was prepared by Allen D with Critical Help from Mark J and with Heroic Help from Our San Francisco Hippie Gang of WordPressWarriors for the Truth

He’s a smooth blog operator that Allen Patrick DARMAN is >

Below is a Picture of Me Taken About Eleven Years Ago. I look about the same, except now I would need to spend about $500. for a set of dentures, because at sixty one (61) years old I have no teeth!

This WordPress Blog was professionally prepared by Allen D with critical help from a heroic WordPress Expert in Florida Named Mark J and

Has Received Heroic WordPress Help from our

San Francisco Hippie Gang of

WordPressWarriors for the Truth! 

Our Blogs Often Receive–—>

Appreciated Help in one way or another from GoogleFacebookTwitter, and the People Underlying WordPress as well. 

WordPressWarriors defined—>

We Are Patriot Movement, Alternative Medical Truth, Energy Invention Truth, and 9/11 Truth Internet Revolutionaries! and—>

Patriot Movement Internet Educational Course Development—>

WordPress Website Revolutionaries! as well.

We Won’t Take U.S. Government Lies and their Federal Government Suppression of Truth for an answer any more! 

It Is About Time For The Truth To Set Our Fellow Americans & Humanity Free!!!

21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America


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