WordPress MANAGEMENT iSlices 4> DEC 14 2013

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSlices 4> DEC 14 2013




Despite the fact I only had about three and a half hours sleep last nightand I am dragging a bit from this—>

Today promises to be a Cornerstone Blogging Day for ADOGG and his heroic WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Team!

iSlices 4> DEC 14 2013

I would first like to express my deepest appreciation for all of the Support from (1) a WordPress Expert namedMark Jaquith, (2) the heroic WordPress Website Development Specialists that put their lives on the line in order to help me beginning on April 9, 2012 (or even sooner), (3) the Company Underlying WordPress called Automattic, (4) Matt the CEO of Automatic, (5) the Google Company, (6) Larry Page and the Senior Management of Google, (7) All of the other Google Employees that have helped my WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Team, (8) Mark – the CEO of Facebook, (9) Facebook’s Senior Management and (10) any and all Facebook employees that have helped out, (11) Twitter (and the same), (12) Apple (and the same), and (13) whomever else in Silicon Valley and (14) elsewhere that has helped either myself or my WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Internet Team in one way or another.

I would also like to express my most sincere and deepest appreciation to the American Mafia headquartered in NYC, which has apparently lifted the contract on my life (at least for now), and allowed me to live long enough such that “this WordPress blogging day happened”.



More copy coming throughout the day.

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