WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-18> Allen D aka ADOGG Has Had An Eventful 21 Hours

Historic> WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-18> Allen D aka ADOGG Has Had An Eventful 21 Hours



According to ADOGG—>

They hacked my Android Smart Phone and shut it down last night, and it is still down @1 pm the next day—>

They might turn it back on soon—>

My Internet complaining of hacking problems often works! and they stop hacking me for a while.

My smart phone has been completely button dead since I last posted a blog in here last night.

No button works at all.

I can’t even shut it off when I try it to see if the hackers have let up.

I have to  pull the battery to shut it down.

I suspect the Mafia as much as the Federal Government here. It may be both parties, as both parties have this capability to shut down ANY ANDROID PHONE, and have done this to me many times.


I have decided to “Intentionally Slow Things Down”.

Social Change That Is Too Rapid Can Cause Numerous Unnecessary and Very Major Problems.

A July 4th Internet Woodstock is best.

As long as there is a foolproof plan in place for “if the Feds try to pull the Internet plug” on us.


The MAFIA MAY STILL BE AFTER ME, and I am getting the sense that they are.
If there is any way my safety can be assured—>
I am interested in having a confidential discussion with the American Mafia headquartered in NYC—>
as soon as such can be arranged to my satisfaction (in regard to My Own Personal Security and/or “Rather Immediate Assurance of my Internet Martyrdom in front of Google, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and others in Silicon Valley and elsewhere around the world”).


The best way for both the American Mafia and Silicon Valley to look at things when first sitting down to the negotiating table is—>

That you have Equal Power 50/50.

To explain—> coming soon.


Some of the Above Material will be Separated out of this blog and made into a New Blog at some point in January after I find housing with an Internet Connection in San Francisco.


More copy coming soon in regard 2 the following—>



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