WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-21> Allen D aka ADOGG Continues 2 Make Progress Day By Day

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-21> Allen D aka ADOGG Continues 2 Make Progress Day By Day



According to Allen D aka ADOGG—>

I had a Great Day yesterday.  Everything feel into place.  It was just one of those days.

Last night I got lucky and got a late bed assignment at 9:30 pm at MSC South.

I slept 8 hours last night—> the Second Long Sleep in a row.

I feel Great!

I am well fed and well rested, and ready to begin my WordPress Blogging Day!


Last night I plugged my iMac in at the Charging Station of “the Chair Area” downstairs at MSC South on 5th and Bryant.

Every day I am not too tired I try to check and see if I can pick up a wireless signal there.

I see three signals, but all are secured, and I do not know the password to any of them.

When I did not find an unsecured wireless signal last night, I started playing around with my iMac anyway.

First I labeled some pictures I had taken that did not have any labels yet.

Then I said “What the heck” and lit up Quick Time Player and did an 11 minute video.

Today I am going to try to get this rough video either (1) on YouTube or (2) embedded in a blog, or (3) both.

[It is now 4:02 pm.  I cannot find this video I made last night.  And I can only find one short video clip of the Rockies that I made, and I made quite a few clips.  I admittedly am unfamiliar with video stuff, but I should be able to find some things that “just do no appear to be in QuickTime any more”.]

The sound quality is the absolute pits, and one often cannot hear what I am saying due to “too much background noise”.

However, much communication is non-verbal.

Anybody that watches this video will know “how incredibly happy I am” for sure.

I was straight when I did this video.

I did smoke some pot yesterday at about 11:30 am.

This video was done at about 8:30 pm.

There is no way I was still stoned.


My Smart Phone is still totally useless.

It’s a Clock, that’s all.

Hackers shut me down.

They can hack me all they want on my Smart Phone.

It is only an inconvenience.

Of course it hurts that “No one can call me, and vice versa.”

And it hurts not to be able to use my Smart Phone to blog with.

But as long as my iMac works on the Internet—>

I can still move forward WordPress Website and dot com Website Development-wise every single day.

That’s all that really matters to me.

I expect to be in the Cafe area downstairs of the SFPL until 5:30 pm today (other than when I am on cigarette breaks outside).




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