WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-28> Allen D aka ADOGG Had Another Eventful Day

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-28> Allen D aka ADOGG Had Another Eventful Day



According to Allen D—>

The Big News this morning is I had a falling out with Mel. He asked me to leave this morning right after I got up, and I promptly did. I will be back at MSC South tonight.

I feel completely innocent of what happened this morning.

All I essentially did was very mildly but firmly defend myself, when Mel tried to tell me how to run my Mission from God and how to run my life.

Mel thinks “I should do a non-profit”. I told him repeatedly that a non-profit is an interesting idea, and may have some merit, but it may not be needed or necessary as well.

There is no point into going into any more of the details (other than the iSlice below).

I hate to knock Mel, for he really helped me out these past five days or so in many ways.

It was simply time for us to part ways, I guess.

I only had two nights left on “his allowable time per month” for Mel to have a guest in his room anyway.


All of my best friends in life have been women, with my deceased friend Jimmy being the single exception.  There is a reason for this.  As soon as I get any alpha male bullshit pulled on me, I’m gone—> and far too many men do this.  In a very real way “I don’t like my own sex”.  And as a heterosexual male, Women are far more interesting to me anyway.


Last night Mel took me to the Mechanic’s Institute Library on 47 Post Street. This library has a historic chess club attached to it. It costs $95. a year to be a Member there.

The chess club was dead. There were only three people there. It is a pretty quiet and underutilized club. However, the pictures of it’s chess history were fascinating.

This chess club may be of use to me in the future in some way.

I am deeply grateful to Mel for taking me there.


I got lucky on the way back to Mel’s from the chess club when we were walking back together. We passed a luggage store, which carried a decent looking luggage carrier for $40—> this will solve my bad suitcase wheels problem I think. Two straps at this luggage store cost about $7 ea. If I strap my large black suitcase to this luggage carrier, I should be OK. I just hope the wheels on my suitcase hold up for another 3 days or so.


On another front, my Smart Phone was hacker deadened all last night, and was still hacker deadened this morning. No buttons worked, and I had to remove the battery to shut it down, the same as before.

Oddly, now that I am at the library, my smart phone finally works again.

On off on off on off. This has been my experience with this current smart phone that I have.

I have had chronic and/or recurrent hacker induced problems with Android Smart Phones going back to May of 2010, when my brother Stephen gave me my first one. In total, I have had perhaps ten different Android Phones since then. There was not a single one that I did not have hacker induced problems with.

Sometimes I wonder “What if I went Apple in regard to Smart Phones?”—> would this help or not? Unfortunately, I won’t have adequate funds to try this. I am essentially stuck, although as cheap as smart phones are here, I might be able to “switch phones” soon. I can get a low end smart phone and time on it for about the same as it would cost me to renew my current smart phone plan in January.


I had a very nice morning at the Curry Senior Center at 333 Turk as always.

Coffee and tea are free.

I met a man who told me when I get my check, I should forget the Tenderloin and go to Nob Hill.

I might do just this.

I am looking for a relatively SRO situation in which two people are allowed, and hopefully one in which I can smoke in my room.

E-cigarettes are a possibility that has been brought up to me. The nicotine lozenges are another “replacement possibility”.


I was happy with the progress that I made blogging yesterday.


I lead a simple life.

I am simply obedient to “the little piece of God in me” every single day.

I do my best according to what my conscience tells me to do every single day, and I don’t worry about the rest.

Whatever happens, happens after this.


I can’t wait to have a roof over my head with an Internet Connection in San Francisco somewhere, whether with company or alone (preferably the former).

I am extremely desirous of going back to work on a full time basis, instead of working in dribs and drabs as I have been.

Allen D—> With Critical and heroic Help from Mark J, and from our heroic San Francisco WordPress Website DEVELOPMENT Team!


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