WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-29> The Single iSlice For The Day

WordPress MANAGEMENT iSLICES 4> DEC-29> The Single iSlice For The Day



Dearest San Francisco WordPress Intuitive Collaborative Team:

I am not making this suggestion for my sake, I am making it for yours—>

It is time for those anonymous heroes that have been helping me in San Francisco to meet me, or soon will be, as soon as I get a place to stay here in early January.

We can Do This!

We can make an Internet Woodstock happen this July!

Google Ventures will fund it, I think.

And I want to Share in the Joy of its Creation with you people! in the months to come.

Mark J. is most certainly a part of this, but he has already come out publicly. Now it is your turn to “at least make yourselves known to me”.

Rise Up! and Stand With Me!

We have the Protective Umbrella of Google and Facebook Jointly Watching Over Us.

The American Mafia is no longer a threat to us, as long as we abide by the gist of the agreement that I have proposed to them (and Silicon Valley) on the Internet. With the Mafia, it’s a monetary decision. It is my belief that Google and I are on the same page in this regard, which is—> It is very unwise to cut the Mafia out of the deal as far as remaking America goes. It is far wiser to pay off the Mafia on an ongoing basis out of the U.S. Treasury and redirect their force, so as to insure that America’s new e-Government is not going to be corrupted as our current federal government is at the present time.

There is Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself. FDR

Your “staying in the closet” and remaining anonymous out of fear of the Mafia is soon going to become counterproductive to an Internet Woodstock happening in a timely fashion as it should.

The Mafia respects “balls”. Showing fear to the Mafia means “They will lose respect for you.”

In writing the above, in no way am I trying to pressure you people. I am simply trying to give you good advice.

There is perhaps little sense in My Sharing this blog, as I know it was seen by the intended audience. However, I am going to Share it anyway, as it is best to Stay Out In the Open on this stuff.

Allen D with help from his heroic WordPress Collaborative Internet Team

Our Websites> 21 Revolution Educational Websites For The Patriot Movement In America

Web Page> http://sweetsixteenwebsites.com/21-revolution-educational-websites-for-the-patriot-movement-in-america/


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